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11-bottle 35 kg crate with 11P composite bars

Rack for transporting 11 bottles weighing 35 or 39 kg. Bottles are transported horizontally on two levels. The double closing bar in composite material facilitates handling by allowing access to the bottles in a single operation. Like all Sudco crates, this crate also features special profiles at the top for centring and stacking, as well as wear pads to extend the crate's lifespan.

This locker is available with a range of surface treatments: untreated, powder-primed, powder-coated or hot-dip galvanised.

Also available in a pre-assembled version for optimised transport.

Sudco LPG products - 11-cylinder rack 35kg with 11P composite bars

Key points

  • Capacity 11 bottles 35 kg

  • Double locking bar for easy access

  • Choice of finish: Powder primer, powder paint, galvanising